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Pedigree bringing OOH Advertising and utility to the consumer.

OOH advertising is in a great place in terms of stability and growth. In 2012, OOH was the second fastest growing ad medium at 8% a year. The internet took the gold medal with an increase of 11%.

Why OOH?

Increasing segmentation and fragmentation of other mediums has allowed OOH to slip back into the limelight. OOH boasts a low CPM and unlike most mediums, guarantees an audience. Lets toss out a few pros and cons.

OOH Pros:

You can’t ignore a billboard – This is a biggie. Growing traffic counts in a mobile society mean less time spent with traditional media and more time on the go.

Billboard ads are simple with OOH – Billboards obviously aren’t the only type of OOH but we will be talking specifically about them. Billboard creative is just a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). 10 words or less with a catchy graphic and you’re all set.

OOH ads extend the reach of other ad mediums – The Outdoor Advertising Association of America says, “OOH can extend the reach of TV by 18%, Radio by 45%, Internet by 68%, and Mobile by 316%”. – The numbers speak for themselves on this one. Incorporate OOH into your campaign and get more out of your money.

OOH Cons:

OOH is the regulated medium out there because it goes places that others can’t out of home.

Billboards have to be 1,500 feet apart – The government has to regulate how much advertisers clutter the sky so this is natural.

There are a set number of billboard sites – Once this limit has been reached no new sites can be built. This creates competitive pricing within the media selling business.

Wrappin it up:

Audience ratings make OOH easy to plan, buy, and measure. You can advertise anything you want, anywhere you want, and whenever you want. People spend 70% of their waking time out of the house, and they can’t hide from this type of advertising.

For more awesome info about OOH advertising head over to:

http://www.oaaa.org/ – Outdoor Advertising Association of America

https://www.cbsoutdoor.com/ – CBS Outdoor

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Bomb City’s Media Planning

I’ve learned there are Three Keys to Success in media planning. Taken from Strategic Media Decisions,

1. “Matching media with markets”

Matching your target market with the right kind of media makes marketing much easier and efficient. For example, if you are trying to reach the 50+ year old market I’m gonna be the first to say digital / online shouldn’t be your first option.


2. “The local market profile”

Knowing your market is the bottomline in any and all advertising. You have to know your market, the people in the market, the media in the market, and how things work in your market. Media planners are expected to be market and media experts. On a local level you as a planner have to do all of the work, as opposed to national media researchers doing the work on the national level.

3. “Research on a local level”

Both primary and secondary research are used to gain knowledge of your client or market. Using existing materials to conduct research is considered secondary. While you produce the research through primary.

Local Media Analysis of Amarillo, TX:


Amarillo Globe-News – Major local newspaper
Amarillo Independent – Local independent newspaper that covers local, regional, and national news
La Voz Hispana – Amarillo Hispanic newspaper
The Ranger – Amarillo College student newspaper

West Texas Catholic – Amarillo, TX Catholic Church newspaper


Purple Circle – Canyon based magazine, “America’s Youth Livestock Magazine, since 1980”
Accent West – Covers life in Amarillo and the surrounding area.
Amarillo Magazine – “Dedicated to discovering all that is authentically Amarillo”
Edge Monthly – Amarillo’s guide to entertainment news

The American Quarter Horse Association publishes two monthly publications. The American Quarter Horse Journal and The American Quarter Horse Racing Journal


88.3 FM – KJRT – Religious
89.1 FM – KASV – Christian Contemporary
89.5 FM – KEFX – Christian Contemporary
89.9 FM – KACV – College Radio
90.7 FM – KAVW – Religious
91.1 FM – KWTS – College Radio
91.9 FM – KXRI – Christian Contemporary
93.1 FM – KQIZ – Top-40
94.1 FM – KMXJ – Hot AC
94.9 FM – KANZ – Public Radio
96.9 FM – KXSS – Top-40
97.9 FM – KGNC – Country
98.7 FM – KPRF – Adult hits
99.7 FM – KBZD – Spanish
100.9 FM – KXGL – Classic Rock
101.9 FM – KATP – Country
102.3 FM – KRBG – Religious
102.9 FM – KRGN – Religious
103.9 FM – KXLV – Christian Contemporary
105.1 FM – KRBG – Religious
105.7 FM – KJJP – Public Radio
107.1 FM – KPUR – Country
107.9 FM – KZRK – Rock

710 AM – KGNC – News/Talk
940 AM – KIXZ – News/Talk
1010 AM – KTNZ – Tejano
1310 AM – KZIP – Farm
1360 AM – KDJW – Religious
1440 AM – KPUR – Sports
1550 AM – KZRK – Spanish


Network Affiliates:
KACV – 2 – (PBS)
KAMR – 4 – (NBC)
KVII – 7 – (ABC)
KFDA – 10 – (CBS)
KCIT – 14 – (FOX)

KAMM-LP – 30 – Una Vez Mas
KTXD-LP – 43 – Una Vez Mas
KAMT-LP – 50 – Drewry Communications Group


Art Works & Co.
Burkett Investments
Burkett Outdoor Advertising, LP
Chancellor Outdoor Advertising
Choice Media
Fastsigns International
Fluhman Outdoor Inc.
Galaxy Outdoor Advertising
Lamar Outdoor Advertising
Skyway Outdoor Advertising
WB Outdoor
Wellborn Signs Inc.

Now that we have identified all of the local media sources available to local advertisers, lets take a look at the local market.

Local Market Analysis of Amarillo, TX:

Amarillos top employers, 500+:

Amarillo ISD – 4,139 employees – Education
Tyson Foods – 3,700 employees – Beef slaughter and processing
B&W Pantex – 3,398 employees – Ordinance disassembly & maintenance
Baptist St. Anthony’s Health System – 3,398 employees – Hospital & affiliated services
City of Amarillo – 2,012 employees – Amarillo city workers
Northwest Texas Healthcare System – 1,490 employees – Hospital & affiliated services
Xcel Energy – 1,432 employees – Energy services
Bell Helicopter Textron – 1,382 employees – V22 Osprey production – Badass
Affiliated Foods, Inc. – 1,320 employees – Food distribution
Texas Department of Criminal Justice – 1,303 employees – Self-explanatory
Western National Life/Valic – 1,046 employees – Insurance operations center
Amarillo College – 1,017 employees – Campus faculty & staff
Texas Tech Health Sciences Center – 850 employees – Texas Tech school of pharmacy
Hastings – 777 employees – Retail chain, headquarters
Anderson Merchandisers – 580 employees – Wholesaler, headquarters
United Supermarkets – 538 employees – Grocery store
CS Stars – 499 employees (I felt bad to not include) – Risk management, headquarters

Top business / industry in Amarillo, TX:

Food Processors and Distribution
Healthcare Services
Business & Financial Services

Amarillo population analysis:

2010 Census findings,

Total population – 246,859
Total households – 90,059


White – 190,787
Hispanic – 57,843
Other – 28,233
Black – 14,242
Asian or Pacific Islander – 5,444
American Indian or Alaskan Native – 1,344

Population Age 15+ – 190,733:

Marital Status:
Married spouse present – 103,074
Never Married – 40,938
Divorced – 20,351
Married spouse absent – 14,179
Widowed – 12,191

Population Age 25+ – 155,173:

High School Graduate – 42,822
Some College, No Degree – 41,235
Bachelor’s Degree – 22,498
Grade 9-12 – 15,527
Associates Degree – 11,723
Graduate Degree – 10,756
Grade K-8 – 10,612

Local economy:

Taken from amarilloedc.com, “Amarillo was recently ranked #17 out of 179 metropolitan cities for creating and sustaining jobs and economic growth.” – Milken Institute

The labor force totals “131,700 and in the past 15 years the total wage and salary employment in Amarillo has increased over 30%.” – Amarillo MSA

Amarillo National Bank provides an economic forecast for us, https://www.anb.com/economic-forecast.aspx

2012 – “Good year in all sectors of Amarillo’s economy. Overcame low rainfall and a slow National economy to post gains in employment, retail sales, and construction. The energy boom in the Eastern Panhandle continues.”

2013 – “Steady growth in all sectors and more efficient operations at our major employers will continue. Agribusiness should have higher incomes and construction should maintain its pace. Oil will provide a strong boost.”

Economic Strengths / Weaknesses:

Strengths –
Good job growth helped boost retail sales
Optimism returned even as drought continued
Oil drilling was strong and offset the drop in natural gas rigs
Inflation was only 1.5%
Construction picked up in the last half of the year

Weaknesses –
Sluggish construction in 1st half of 2012
Lower Oil and Gas prices hurt energy incomes
Drought was less severe than 2011 but continues to hurt cattle and farming
Corn prices put pressure on feedyards, dairies, and ethanol plants.
Uncertainty related to election slowed 4th quarter planning
A lot of activity in December purely for tax reasons

Market to medium connection:

Medium – Choice Media, billboards
Advertiser – Westgate Mall
Rationale – Retail sales have continued to rise in Amarillo as well as the traffic rates. Westgate Mall has struggled in past years to keep large department stores in business. Choice Media can offer ads in high traffic locations to boost mall traffic as well as sales.

Medium – Amarillo Globe-News
Advertiser – United Supermarkets
Rationale – United Supermarkets offers variety and quality over Wal-marts pure price point. The reach of AGN will allow United Supermarkets to tailor ads to their desired markets. The week to week deals of United Supermarkets in the AGN create a high level of exposure as well as traffic.

Medium – Accent West
Advertiser – Makie Black Boutique
Rationale – Makie Black offers big city fashion in Amarillo, TX. Accent West features local businesses that pop to the average consumer. Makie Black could utilize the reach of Accent West to drive business in a very competitive Amarillo market.

Medium – 96.9 KXXS FM
Advertiser – VIP Limo
Rationale – Owner of VIP Limo is also a partner in Pinks Sports Bar & Lounge, Amarillos highest traffic bar. KXXS FM has a firm grip on the Top-40 hits market share whose listeners populate Amarillos nightlife. VIP Limo as well as Pinks look to capitalize on this market. The station can run on-site promotions as well as feature concerts for the bar and limo service. The business for VIP Limo is based on the city’s nightlife.

Medium – KVII – 7 – (ABC)
Advertiser – Amarillo National Bank
Rationale – KVII is a long standing leader in local news while Amarillo National Bank holds a 50% market share in terms of local banking. Amarillo National can leverage the audience of KVII to boost traffic in its Amarillo locations.

After finishing this post I believe I will celebrate by soaking what’s left of my fingers in epsom salts.

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Buying the Audience


As Shrek once said, “Ogres are like onions, they have layers.” Well I guess one could say advertising is like an ogre because it has layers as well.

When an advertiser has created a message they have only finished a small part of the process. That message was created to reach an audience. Through research and analysis the placement of that message is determined. Sadly, the advertiser has to go through a middleman in order to reach the audience.

In this example we will take Sava! and find a home for a new campaign they are starting to reach 75% of the 18+ population in Amarillo, TX. We are also told that the advertisements will be run on bulletins by Lamar.

By using the interactive rate card on Lamar’s website we can see that in order to reach 75% of the population 6 bulletins would need to be bought and advertised on. We can also see that the price of these 6 bulletins would run $12,000 for a 4 week period of exposure.

Figures taken off of, http://www.lamaroutdoor.com/StateRates.aspx?State=TX

Advertisers must take their message and buy into the media in which they wish to promote it. This middle ground creates the spot for a media sales rep. Taken from Strategic Media Decisions, “Mel Karmazin, who became president and COO of Viacom, started his media career as a radio salesperson.” The world of media sales is a very research based field. Media sales have become one of the most valued parts of the planning process. Taken from Strategic Media Decisions, “In many instances, the managers of media properties come from media sales.”

For additional information on the media buying process check out this link:


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Data, the oil of the future

The stereotypical “data weenie.” Dedicated to my pals in the Computer Science department.


Dissecting data for useful market knowledge can be the difference between your agency retaining or losing a client in this day and age. Through strategic analysis you can define a few key parts to a campaign. Taken from Strategic Media Decisions,

“Who to advertise to – target analyses
Where to advertise – geographic analyses
When to advertise – scheduling analyses”

Marketing research by companies like Nielsen help Ad pros make effective decisions. Your ad placement is a staple point in a campaign’s success.

Examining the current television reports on Nielsen, you can see that American Idol would be your go to show for optimal CPM when buying primetime ad space.

Ladies and gentleman, the one and only William Hung.


After 12 seasons American Idol is still killing it on FOX. According to Nielsen, Idol claimed the prime times highest viewer ship as well as a 9.3 rating during the week of January 21st.
Here is some interesting info about viral marketing research, beware wiki.


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Super Opportunity Bowl

Best Banned Super Bowl Commercial Ever!

The ever so memorable Old Spice overhaul


Ahhh the ever so anticipated Super Bowl. The only annually televised event that destroys all segmentation and fragmentation barriers to viewership.

According to the Huffington Post, the Super Bowl is the most watched show in US history.

Nielson Co. says that in 2012 the Super Bowl viewership peaked at 117.7 million during the fourth quarter.

Twitter reported record setting tweets per second at the end of the 2012 Super Bowl at 12,333.

All of these views come at a price however. In 2012 a single 30 second advertisement cost $3.5 million. Oddly, media professionals see this price as cheap. Compared to the average number of views per dollar spent the Super Bowl is hands down the best opportunity. Taken from Strategic Media Decisions, “The Eyeball Business” doesn’t get any better than the Super Bowl.

Data about the Super Bowl breaking viewing records for US television:


Article about media professionals gobbling up ad time:


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Communication Evolved


Despite the heavy amounts of social media in today’s communication the world used to be a much simpler place. The history of media has evolved from stone carvings to ipad finger painting. I will speak more in-depth about what I consider to be the most important cogs in this wheel of media growth.

1. Gutenberg Press

The printing press was the start of something big. Prior to the printing press all books were copied by hand. For this reason books were exclusive to the rich and powerful. This created a huge information gap between the differing levels of the social hierarchy. The press created a way to mass produce print text and therefore the start of mass communication.

2. Print News (Newspaper / Magazine)

Print media acted to inform, influence, and shape opinions in every major American city, taken from Strategic Media Decisions. The newspaper also acted as the first medium for advertisement supported content. The news has become what some call the “fourth branch” of government acting as a watch-dog to political action. Magazines showed the first sign of a publication designed to a target a specific market. These print media formats helped advertising evolve to what it has become today, a multi-billion dollar industry.

3. Radio

Radio earns a spot in the most influential communication developments because of where it was consumed. The radio took advertising and information into the homes of viewers. The radio age was big, “88 million” Americans followed the Lone Ranger on a weekly basis (Azzaro).

4. Television

Television was the revolution for in home media consumption. With TVs finding their ways into American homes left and right media became more accessible than ever for the time. In fact a cliff-notes article states that, “It is generally believed that John Kennedy “won” the 1960 presidential debate because he looked better than Richard Nixon on television.” Viewers were able to watch live debates and news casts to keep up to the minute on news around the globe.

5. The PC and World Wide Web

Apple was laughed at when they developed and released the first personal computer in 1977. They were told the need for a “pc” was very small. Little did they know the computer and connection to the internet would create the largest growth in mass communication ever. The communication experience became “personal” when owning a computer became what owning a cell phone is today. The internet created a means to communicate across the world with the click of a button. Email completely changed the delivery process of the message. News is now updated to the second all across the globe and content has reached all new levels of accessibility.
For a complete list of Major Events in Mass Communication please visit:
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Uncharted Territory

Hello ladies and gentlemen of the internet. I just created my wordpress account and look forward to starting and maintaining this general interest blog.

My name is David J. Gisch and I am Junior studying Advertising / Public Relations at WTAMU (hence the poor in the title). This is my first semester on WT’s campus as I just finished my AS from Amarillo College this past Fall. As an extremely introverted person I have kept in many thoughts that at times I would’ve liked to share. I have hesitated in the past to share said thoughts via blog or podcast but have been presented with a golden opportunity at last. I will be using this blog to share any random thoughts / ideas that I have or to strike up conversation about other interesting material. Some posts will be streamlined towards a Mass Media Sales course that I am in but most will be of a random variety.

I had a good feeling while I was creating this account that blogging might just be the outlet I have been looking for. The first post is over and now it is time to get down to business, filling out this year’s almanac.

Thank you to any present and future viewers, send me feedback (good or bad) if you think I could do things a bit differently as this goes on.

Take care, David G.